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Monday, January 17, 2011

Canadian Race Relations Foundations: Unite against racism

It doesn't seem that the study guide and documentary are available for purchase yet (I couldn't find them on the CRRF website), but there are some interesting video clips on the website you may be able to use in the classroom...check out the CRRF website for other useful material while you visit.

Some background information about the project:

In November 1999, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation with its partners and sponsors, launched "See People for who they really are: Unite Against Racism," the largest anti-racism campaign of its kind in Canadian History. As part of its efforts to engage Canadians in a national dialogue about racism, the campaign featured the works of producer and directors from accross the country (Nova Scotia, Québec, Ontario, the First Nations, and British Columbia) interpreting a different aspect of racism as it affects Aboriginal Peoples and racialized minorities in Canada.

In 2009, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation partnered with Rogers OMNI Television to produce the public service announcements (PSAs)in eight additional languages.

Work continued to extend to the production of a 30 minute documentary titled Directors Speak directed by Rion Gonzales, produced by Gail Picco and co-ordinated by V-Tape Canada. The goal being a Study Guide that includes visual material the Campaign and the documentary.

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