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The Student Teachers Anti-Racism Society (STARS) promotes anti-racism education at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan through the support of the College. We work collaboratively to understand, identify, and address individual and systemic racism and its interlocking forms of oppression based on gender, sexuality, ability, class, religion and other socially constructed categories. We believe that anti-racist and decolonizing education, when woven together, can create humanizing and emancipatory change for everyone.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

White Privilege & Anti-Racist Cartoons

The cartoons provided on this post can be used to open space for students to think critically about and understand local racialized contexts and white privilege. Both of the cartoons highlight the 'myth of meritocracy' or the false belief that there is equal opportunity if one works hard enough. The cartoons also demonstrate how white privilege is normalized and often difficult to recognize. It is also important to highlight what the cartoons may not explain. For example, students could be left with the impression that equity initiatives alone can lead to racial equality. Anti-racism education requires more. We must also learn how to identify, dismantle and counter the racist ideas and practices that are used to justify and maintain racialized hierarchies. For more cartoons check out http://www.leftycartoons.com/category/antiracist/.

This cartoon was found at a blog called Double Consciousness:

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