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The Student Teachers Anti-Racism Society (STARS) promotes anti-racism education at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan through the support of the College. We work collaboratively to understand, identify, and address individual and systemic racism and its interlocking forms of oppression based on gender, sexuality, ability, class, religion and other socially constructed categories. We believe that anti-racist and decolonizing education, when woven together, can create humanizing and emancipatory change for everyone.

Monday, January 16, 2012

8TH FIRE: Aboriginal Peoples, Canada, and The Way Forward resources

Check it out this link to watch the four-part series 8TH FIRE on CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/8thfire/index.html

The link also contains many video resources and other sections such as Aboriginal 101 and Maps - all great classroom resources for a wide variety of subject areas and grades.

"A 500 year old relationship...coming out of conflict, colonialism & denial." 8TH Fire draws from an Anishinaabe prophecy that declares now is the time for Aboriginal peoples and the settler community to come together and build the '8TH Fire' of justice and harmony.

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