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The Student Teachers Anti-Racism Society (STARS) promotes anti-racism education at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan through the support of the College. We work collaboratively to understand, identify, and address individual and systemic racism and its interlocking forms of oppression based on gender, sexuality, ability, class, religion and other socially constructed categories. We believe that anti-racist and decolonizing education, when woven together, can create humanizing and emancipatory change for everyone.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Creating Schools that Value Sexual Diversity"

“Creating Schools that Value Sexual Diversity” is an article by Elizabeth J. Meyers that discusses the silencing of student sexuality. “Sexual diversity is all around us, although it is often invisible and silenced. Schools cannot make the controversies surrounding sexual diversity disappear by ignoring them,” (p. 188). Below is the link to the PDF.

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